Expressions of Scotland

Welcome to the new Expressions of Scotland blog!

I’m really excited about this section of the website. I will begoing to using it to share stories from various trips around the country in search of stunning landscape to capture in our images; to share tips and tutorials; to share interesting and informative links and even some offers for you all!

First, how about a wee introduction? My name is Chris, I form one half of the Husband and Wife team that is “Hoskins Gallery“. The Expressions of Scotland brand is a chance for me to share my landscape images of this incredibly beautiful country that I live in. Ever since I can remember I’ve been enchanted with the scenery that surrounds us here in Scotland, fascinated by the legends and history all around us, amazed by the sheer awesomeness of the landscapes this country hides around ever corner. I love to spend as much time as I came enjoying the thrills and challenges of Scotlands Mountains, it is hard to summit a Scottish giant and not be awed by the views. Since first picking up a camera 6 years ago, Scotland’s beauty has also been a source of inspiration and delight for me photographically. As my photographic career has grown, and my skills and abilities with it, I try to keep pushing myself to learn new and better ways with which to be able to capture the beauty and the essence of Scotland. I’m blessed that I am able to spend time regularly in the Hills, Mountains, Rivers and Glens of this beautiful land.


I look forward to delving deeper into my Landscape Photography with you all.


For now, I’ll leave with some of my favourite Expressions of Scotland images:




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