Expressions of Scotland is a collection of stunning work by Scottish Landscape Photographer Chris Hoskins.

Chris can’t help express his passion for the Scottish landscape when a camera is in his hand. His love of the outdoors, adventure and sport all have a direct impact on the work he produces.  With a finely tuned technique Chris manages to capture the rugged hills, stunning sunsets, right through to the beautiful mountains, rivers and seas of Scotland. He aims to take you,the viewer, with him on his travels remembering your own memories of times you visited that particular area or giving you the inspiration to get out there and see the sights for yourself.

Chris does not use gimmicks, he does not recreate or adapt images using Photoshop. He aims to capture the beauty before him by waiting patiently for that perfect light and using finely honed photographic technique. Climbing hills in the middle of the night to be there for sunrise, wading through water (once at the cost of his equipment!) or scrambling over rocky mountain sides,  he works hard to get that image that we know you the viewer have your breath taken away by.

Chris, alongside his wife Linda, owns Hoskins Gallery, a fine art and photography company, please visit Linda’s art at www.lindahoskins.co.uk or Chris’s Humanitarian photography at www.choskins.co.uk.